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Wednesday, May 7th, 7PM
Marilyn Campbell, editor of Illinos Audubon Magazine, will discuss breeding birds of the Manitoba prairies north to Churchill, Canada and Beluga whales.
Park Forest Library

Birds and small animals.
Many thanks to Susan W. for the info.

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A list of avian collective terms from "An Exaltation of Larks" by James Lipton
Documented terms for various specific bird groups
A peep of chickens; a murder of crows; a dule of doves; a paddling of ducks(on water); a charm of finches; a gaggle of geese(on water or land); a skein of geese(on water); a cast of hawks; a brood of hens; a siege of herons(cranes); a deceit of lapwings; a tiding of magpies; a watch of nightingales; a parliment of owls; a covey of partridges; an ostentation of peacocks; a bouquet of pheasants; a congregation of plovers; an unkindness of ravens; a building of rooks; a walk of snipe; a host of sparrows; a murmuration of starlings; a mustering of storks; a flight of swallows; a spring of teal; a rafter of turkeys; a pitying of turtledoves; a fall of woodcocks; a descent of woodpeckers.
Many thanks to our great friend Daniela Herman who provided this information to us after a raucous trip to Jasper-Pulaski to see the Sandhill Cranes.

President, Bob Harrison
President Harrison's unexpected death leaves TCA members shocked. Complications from an infection took Bob's life and leadership from us on March 3rd. Bob was a great birder and devoted volunteer to ALL the causes and projects of TCA over the years of his membership. Bob was also the President of Sandridge Audubon in Calumet City. We will miss him greatly.
Donations for a memorial to Bob at BArtel Grassland can be sent to TCA, PO BOX 895, Park Forest, 60466.

A Fun and Educational schedule (directions attached). Be sure to contact the listed person to notify them of your intended attendance and to get last minute instruction!
The events for May 3rd and May 10th should be reversed as the Spring Bird Count will be May 10th this year.


The TCAS Grants Committee provides financial support for local projects that promote environmental education and the protection and enhancement of wildlife and the environment. Grants are not to exceed $500 per program and are available to schools and local organizations. Download the 2013-14 application here and return by October 15, 2013. Questions should be directed to Bob: 708-747-2047 or Dory: 708-481-3166.


The TCAS Ecology Scholarship is awarded to a student or a teacher for elementary or secondary education who is interested in attending an environmental workshop or enrolling in a college credit course in environmental studies. They must be in the TCAS area and the scholarship will not exceed $500.
Submit two references, print the application and mail P.O. Box 895, Park Forest Illinois, 60466. Questions should be directed to Bob: 708-747-2047 or Dory: 708-481-3166.

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